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Museum of DisABILITY History

J.N. Adam Memorial Hospital: Her Inside Voice


J.N. Adam Memorial Hospital: Her Inside Voice

“J.N. Adam Memorial Hospital: Her Inside Voice” is the result of a multi-year photo documentation project containing the sensitive images and writing of Char Szabo-Perricelli, along with personal accounts. The book also features historical support from the Museum of disABILITY History as part of its premier publications in the Abandoned History Series. From what was once a majestic medical facility to the ruins it is becoming today, this provocative book will take you back to the grand beginning and leave you with a sense of loss for what is quickly becoming another casualty amongst many of our historical treasures which have become victims of neglect.  Hardcover, first edition, 198 pages, 400+ beautiful color images.

Char Szabo-Perricelli is a photographer, artist, writer and environmentalist with a passion for architecture, history and life’s processes. Several of her explorations and subsequent documentary photo studies are all that remain of many relevant places that are threatened by time and neglect or have already been demolished. Her images and writing have been published in books, print magazines, several professional online venues and her photos are in many private collections. Wherever it appears, her work evokes deep emotion, forcing the viewer to look beyond, beneath and behind. She‘s most often outdoors where searching is her destination and finding is her inspiration.