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The Colony Chronicles


The Colony Chronicles
The Colony Chronicles  by Char Szabo-Perricelli and David Mack-Hardiman

The cryptic history of the Craig Colony has been brought to life through rich history and eclectic photographs. Packed with personal memoirs and riveting research, this is an absorbing and rare account of life inside an American Institution.


“This fascinating and endlessly interesting collection of materials pertaining to the Craig Colony for Epileptics—with all of its contradictions—will keep your attention for hours. The humanity, the interests and passions, the rich community, and the mistreatment of all who lived and worked there emerges clear and forcefully from this visually rich book.”

Kim Nielsen, author of “A Disability History of the United States”

“When one tries to learn the story of an institution and the people who lived and worked there, one does so by hunting down picture postcards and archives of letters and annual reports and memoirs; through scrapbooks and patient letters and articles published in professional journals and proceedings. The Colony Chronicles allows every reader to get the sense of such a journey of discovery by presenting information and stories and histories and narratives in all of these formats. Then, add in the powerful photographs taken by Char Szabo-Perricelli, whose compelling images haunt and inform, illustrate and challenge; and help to bring home the messages sent by the people whose lives were lived within those walls.”

Michael L. Wehmeyer, Ph.D., Ross and Marianna Beach Distinguished Professor in Special Education, University of Kansas